07. marts 2012


2012-06-18 to 2012-06-19
University of Copenhagen, PhD Programme in Cultural Studies, Literature and the Arts (KLIK)

The notions of text and work are probably the most frequently used in literary studies. What do they signify? Are they identical? Perhaps they have different meanings in different places and at different times? They certainly do not mean the same to everybody – just as it is the case that not everybody has a clear idea of what they mean when using them.

In this seminar text and work are discussed from various points of view: poetological, ontological, philosophical, historical and philological. It is the purpose of the seminar to improve our sense of the object(s) of literary analysis and hence also of the methods and means connected with various conceptualizations of it (them). The following questions are among the ones we shall address in the seminar:

  • Why do we have two rival notions of what may be “almost-identical”?
  • Does the use of the notions reveal historical variations?
  • Is there no difference between analysis of a work and analysis of a text?
  • What comes before the text? Pretext (avant-texte), intention, materiality or nothing?
  • What are the implications of calling a work ‘open’, ‘closed’, or perhaps autonomous?

The lecturers we have invited work on subjects as diverse as Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, C.J.L. Almqvist, Søren Kierkegaard, the history of Danish short prose and recent Danish literature.


Monday June 18
9.30-9.45: Welcome
9.45-11.15: Hans Walter Gabler , Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München: “The Diachrony of Text as Work – Considered Ontologically and as a Demand on Textual Scholarship”.
11.15-12.30: Presentations
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-15.00: Jan Rosiek , Professor, Københavns Universitet: “From Work to Text and Back. Heidegger, Barthes, Derrida”.
15.00-15.15: Break
15.15-16.45: Daniel Ferrer , Directeur de recherche, ITEM-CNRS/ENS, Paris: “Genetic Criticism, the Work and the Text”.

Tuesday June 19
9.30-11.00: Klaus Müller-Wille , Professor, Universität Zürich: “Den stumme bog? H.C. Andersen og tekstens materialitet”.
11.00-12.15: Presentations
12.15-13.15: Lunch
13.30-15.00: Marianne Stidsen , Lektor, Københavns Universitet: “På kanten af værket – på kanten af litteraturen. Tresseravantgardens omkalfatring af værkbegrebet i lyset af de nye medier”.
15.00-15.15: Break
15.15-16.45: Workshop – Johnny Kondrup , Lektor, Københavns Universitet: “Tekstkritik og værkanalyse”.

We offer participating Ph.D. students an opportunity to present their own research projects – for open discussion – in relation to the topics of the seminar.

ECTS: 1,5 ECTS for participation/ 3 ECTS for participation with paper presentation.

Registration deadline:
11 May 2012. Please contact Johnny Kondrup for registration: kondrup@hum.ku.dk .